About – Blue Lagoon Creations


Blue Lagoon Creations is a design studio that can provide your brand with fresh, colorful digital or hand painted art for your product surfaces. My work can be adapted to the fabric, paper and home decor industries. I also create original art and illustrations, as well as design and create handmade jewelry.

If you would like to start a project or purchase my designs, please contact me at lasanders49@gmail.com 


The Artist

My name is LeeAnn Sanders. I live and work in Harrisburg, SD and the Florida Keys. I started Blue Lagoon Creations as my creative outlet after a life in investment banking and then as a stay at home mom. I began painting after an incredibly beautiful and inspiring trip to Greece. My jewelry design phase started after purchasing some handmade beads in Italy and reflects my love of the Florida Keys. My inspiration for all of my work has been traveling and the sea.

I have studied with several experts in these media over the past several years. My work has been displayed in several Sioux Falls events as well as galleries in Illinois and Key West, Florida. I have been a vendor at the juried Sioux Falls Sidewalk Arts Festival and the Mermaid Festival of Key West


Artist Statement

"Memory is the diary we all carry about with us." - Oscar Wilde. 

My art is about memories; those memories in my life that make me happiest. Those memories are written into my heart through travel. Ever since I visited the ocean as a small child with my family, it has been a part of my soul. As an adult, I travel the world to connect with the ocean and cultures to create new memories. With my designs, I seek to relate the viewer with the joy and peace I feel when I am traveling or at the seashore. Both travel and the ocean put us in perspective with our world and our fellow humans. Our frame of reference is humbled. They are equalizers and I love illustrating how these experiences evoke our inner child.